Inspired by gratitude & happiness

Recently I was asked what the inspiration was behind My Offer…at first it seemed vividly obvious as I remember the very moment, in a packed train carriage, standing room only, trying to meet and juggle the demands of life when I had the realisation that I had to take steps to explore innovative ways to meet customer needs, that was equally beneficial for the retailer, anytime anywhere.

So, I continued to peel back why this was so important to me?

As a granddaughter of a prisoner of war, my grandfather was detained in a prison camp for 3 years in world war II, my grandmother was left to raise 3 children under 5 yrs of age, work the land, look after the animals, support her community and earn a living. Upon my grandfathers return, they went on to have two more children, one of which was my father.

By reflecting on the past, the way forward became clear.

Our Story

What if there was a discrete way for online retailers to connect with their community at the exact time they are ready to purchase…meeting them on their unique needs, product mix and price, anytime, anywhere?

Now there is. My Offer optimises each engagement by reducing money left on the table, overheads of participating and getting lost in sales wars, all while creating happy customers and empowering them to drive sales on demand.

Converting more of our 80% abandoned carts, effortlessly….we’d all be happy with that!