About Us

Based in Melbourne, Australia, My Offer is a fast growing innovative and agile tech startup that enables businesses to meet the needs of consumers through expertly crafted, customer centric software that empowers customers to drive individual, needs-based online sales, anytime, anywhere, on demand.

Factors that influence purchasing decisions in Online Shopping

• Convenience

• Data Accessibility

• Availability of Products and Services

• Cost + Time Efficiency

Factors that Stop Your Consumer From Hitting the Purchase Button

• Security: Your Consumer has to trust your site, brand, and familiarity

• The intangibility of Product: You can’t try on an online sweater

• Lack of Social Contact: Difficulty making decisions without In-Store Support or guidance

All of this Leads to THE ABANDONED CART.

Here is where we come in.

My Offer is a B2B E-commerce Conversion Tool that works with an Online Sales Channel to Deliver High Profit, Brand Loyalty, and Customer Behavioural Studies. That is right. We give you the inside scoop on how your consumer shops, why they ditch, and what could make them buy.

My Offer is an innovative sales channel that provides unparalleled visibility of online cart activity. Live, on-demand reporting, all while maintaining the privacy of each and every shopper.

We align business objectives with expertly designed custom software and checkout cart conversions to be your ultimate customer loyalty tool.

Engage with customers in real-time! Make the purchase process easy and fun! We will help you improve your overall site efficiency and magnetic selling power.

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