Irresistibly engaging!

My Offer® has re-imagined the traditional sales cycle to increase stock turn and help you take the guess work out of …

  • What product mix customers want & when.
  • Exclusive and personlised discounts to meet their desires.
  • Organic growth and loyalty without the overhead.

What Customers Want…

The Australian Retail Report 2023 states that investing in personalisation is essential;

  • 66% of Shoppers want more rewarding experiences
  • 62% Personalised discounts that meet their needs and desires in return for their loyalty
  • 67% would download the retailer’s app but won’t participate in current loyalty programs as they lack relevance to them personally

67%  Feel that current loyalty programs lack personalised relevance

66%  Want a more engaging experience

62%  Want personalised discounts

that meet their needs and desires

Business Insights

In addition to the live reporting on how the tool is performing with customers, My Offer provides visibility and direct links back to customers reaching out for support in order to complete their purchase.

  • Engaged Customer Experience

    Engaged Customer Experience

    My Offer provides a discreet, interactive and personalised experience every time.

  • Exclusive Customer Offers

    Exclusive Customer Offers

    Exclusive negotiated offers that meet individual needs and desires.

  • Customer Driven

    Customer Driven

    Customer driven value for money purchases that provide individual and instant gratification.

  • Loyalty


    Ignites the power of HAPPY Customers to organically grown loyalty through Word Of Mouth.

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