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Introducing the future of e-commerce negotiations – My Offer. Let your customers take the front seat in driving demand, price & timing—and watch your sales soar.

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From Browsers to Buyers:

Unleash the Power of Individual Customer Choice


Step 1: Discovery & Exploration

Dive deep into the My Offer App’s functionalities and understand and see what customers really want. What products, value proposition will meet individual needs and timelines that can reshape your sales dynamics. By seeing how real-time negotiations function, grasp the game-changing potential for your e-commerce.


Step 2: Integration & Customization

Seamlessly integrate the My Offer App into your existing e-commerce platform. Tailor settings to match your brand’s identity and sales strategy, setting acceptable price ranges and customizing user interactions.


Step 3: Engagement & Empowerment

Watch as your customers relish the freedom and excitement in discreetly solving individual customer problems on exclusively negotiated terms. Witness increased engagement as they feel a deeper  connection with your brand, leading to higher trust and stronger loyalty.


Step 4: Analysis & Growth

Harness the power of data-driven insights provided by My Offer. Evidence based personal customer journey information,  that may not have been considered in traditional assumption-based customer journey mapping, to help refine strategies and enable continuous improvement. Experience increased conversions, reduced cart abandonment, and sustained growth in revenue.

No more abandoned carts

Why My Offer is so Powerful

Meet Modern Shopper Desires

With My Offer, you’re perfectly aligned with these evolving customer expectations. The Australian Retail Report 2023 highlights the growing demand for personalisation:


66% of shoppers crave more rewarding experiences.


62% seek personalised discounts that acknowledge their loyalty and cater to their individual preferences.


67% are keen to download a retailer’s app, yet many disengage from current loyalty programs, finding them lacking in personal relevance.


Boost Sales Intuitively

My Offer® has transformed the usual sales cycle, enhancing stock turnover and taking the guesswork out of:

Unleash Business Brilliance

Step into the future of e-commerce with My Offer, an app where every touchpoint amplifies customer satisfaction and drives your sales higher.


Deep Dive with Data

Beyond live analytics, My Offer ensures a transparent pathway for customers seeking support, driving every transaction to its conclusion.


Personalised Interactions

Engage with My Offer’s uniquely tailored approach, offering a discreet yet impactful experience at every touchpoint.


Tailored Temptations

Craft offers that resonate deeply, making each proposal feel like an exclusive, irresistible invitation.


Fuel for Fandom

More than a sale, with My Offer, you’re cultivating organic loyalty and brand champions who eagerly spread their enthusiasm.



My Offer® - The Bridge to Unparalleled Shopping Journeys

When customers feel in control, they are not just buying a product; they’re investing in an experience. Let My Offer® be the bridge to that unmatched shopping journey.


Empower Your Buyers

With real-time negotiations, customers enjoy a unique and engaging shopping experience, feeling valued and empowered to satisfy their needs instantly.


Maximize Conversions

By establishing the personalised connection, creating a better understanding of the 3 main customer drivers Product + Price + Timing, fuels the customer pull that drives higher conversion rates.


Simplify Your Pricing

Reduce setting countless discount campaigns. By aligning directly with the timely and burning desires of every customer, simplifies your sales strategy, reduces overheads and creates efficiency in your supply chain.


Drive Genuine Customer Loyalty

Offering personalized discounts not only satisfies individual preferences but fosters genuine brand loyalty and repeat business.


Informed Business Decisions

Harness data-driven insights from live reporting to refine strategies, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of customer needs.


Enhance Support and Trust

By providing instant support when customers are deciding on a purchase, you build trust and increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.


Trusted by hundreds of amazing companies

Real Stories. Real Conversions. Real Success.


“Integrating My Offer revolutionised our online shopping experience. With increased conversion rates and personalised discounts, it’s a win-win for us and our customers.”

Avatar Image

Belinda Jane

Founder, BJ’sPJs


“In the competitive world of retail, distinguishing yourself is crucial. My Offer gave us that edge. Witnessing the enthusiasm from our customers as they engage with real-time negotiations has been a revelation. Plus, our sales analytics have shown a tangible increase in conversions. Truly a remarkable addition to our online strategy.

Avatar Image
Stephany Adams

Head of Marketing, Loom & Leaf Retail Group


“We’ve always strived to be at the forefront of e-commerce innovation. With My Offer, we found a tool that not only aligns with our values but boosts our sales. Our customers love the empowerment, and our conversion rates have never been better. It’s a game-changer!”

Avatar Image

Joe Buyers

CEO, UrbanTech Solutions


We have the answers to your

Not at all. My Offer is designed to balance customer engagement with business value. By setting acceptable price ranges, you maintain control over the product’s worth. It’s about empowering the customer within parameters you’re comfortable with. Experience shows that when customers feel involved in the pricing process, they are more likely to purchase and become loyal to the brand.

 Integration is straightforward. My Offer is designed to be compatible with popular e-commerce platforms. Our support team will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless integration that doesn’t disrupt your current operations.

My Offer is built to automate responses based on the acceptable price ranges you set, reducing the manual oversight needed. Plus, the direct links back to customers who reach out for support ensures that you’re only dealing with genuine inquiries. Over time, you may even notice a decrease in inquiries as customers find the pricing process more intuitive and satisfying.

Think of My Offer as a complementary tool. Instead of scattering multiple discount campaigns, My Offer can help you align directly with what customers are willing to pay. It doesn’t replace existing strategies; rather, it refines them, providing real-time insights to understand customer behavior and optimize promotions effectively.

The beauty of My Offer lies in the control it provides to businesses. You determine the acceptable price ranges, ensuring that any successful negotiation remains profitable. Furthermore, the positive engagement generated by allowing customers to ‘name their price’ often leads to increased overall sales and repeat business, which can more than offset any marginal reductions on individual transactions.

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