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My Offer® has re-imagined the traditional sales cycle to increase stock turn and help you take the guess work out of …

  • what customers want & when
  • what the right amount of discount is, reducing money left on the table
  • building organic loyalty without the overhead

What % of online customers are you missing out on?

Check out the online shopping conversion rates in selected verticals worldwide in 2021.

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online shopping conversion rates in selected verticals worldwide in 2021

Customer Interaction

Simple and easy for customers to communicate with your online store.

Business Insights

Instant notifications and real time direct links to the customer & their cart.

  • Experience


    Customers have a seamless experience when interacting with My Offer.

  • Offer


    Customers are empowered to make considered offers, that meet their indivudal needs, every time.

  • Close


    We help negotiate a deal on the spot and support local business’ grow.

  • New way to shop

    New way to shop

    Customers’ drive value for money purchases that provide instant gratification.

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