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The My Offer Advantage

My Offer is an innovative sales channel that provides unparalleled visibility of online cart activity, live on demand reporting, all while maintaining the privacy of each and every shopper.

Underpinned by expertly crafted, custom designed software, My Offer brings together customers’ unique requirements, and aligns them to business objectives through the negotiation functionality. 

Why My Offer

  1. Reduce cart abandonment and improve conversion rates.
  2. Engage with customers real time to support them to purchase.
  3. Improve the overall efficiency and success of your online sales platform.

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  • Experience


    Customers have a seamless experience when interacting with My Offer.

  • Offer


    Customers are empowered to make considered offers, that meet their indivudal needs, every time.

  • Close


    We help negotiate a deal on the spot and support local business’ grow.

  • New way to shop

    New way to shop

    Customers’ drive value for money purchases that provide instant gratification.

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