Online shopping: Shoppers now empowered to submit online offers with retailers

December 23rd, 2020

With COVID pushing shoppers online all over the world, online spending has soared since March 2020. Australia Post announced in May this year that online shopping had increased by 80 percent during the pandemic.

According to Dee Anevska, the online environment is the new retail battleground where businesses will need to hone their skills, sharpen their tools and look for competitive advantages in order to win sales.

Deya (known affectionately as Dee) Anevska is the founder and CEO of My Offer, a tech startup that provides businesses, with online shopping facilities, with an innovative plug and play software that gives their customers the ability to submit offers for items while shopping on their site. My Offer is expected to revolutionise the online shopping environment and deliver increased sales to retailers and other businesses.

Online shopping: Shoppers now empowered to submit online offers with retailers

Online shopping: Shoppers now empowered to submit online offers with retailers
Dee Anevska

“We know that Ebay and other secondhand platforms have soared during COVID because people like the idea of being able to negotiate mutual terms, that are both budget friendly and timely,” Dee said.

“As a result, when you list something on Ebay you can nominate to accept offers. This helps to ensure that potential buyers have the opportunity to purchase the item at either full price or through an offer.

“My Offer provides retailers with the ability to adopt the same capability into their online stores. Retailers simply nominate what type of offer they are prepared to accept on single or multiple shopping cart orders.

“Shoppers are savvy, their needs don’t necessarily fall in line with traditional sales cycles, so without a way to connect to individual needs, customers who may not be prepared to purchase items at full price, can submit an offer, and if the offer is accepted the sale is confirmed. In most cases, an offer is better than no sale, especially in an environment like COVID where the world is in recession and consumers are spending less.”

My Offer is innovative software that can easily be plugged into a retailer’s website. The software includes a chat function with scripting that can we modified as needed and styled according to the retailer’s brand. Once an offer is accepted, the shopper is simply directed to the retailer’s shopping cart checkout where the transaction is finalised.

“The great thing about My Offer is that it doesn’t capture any shopper details, it simply provides a unique experience where the business unlocks the power of each and every customer, to drive the sale on the retailer’s website,” Dee added.

Online shopping: Retailers believe My Offer will also provide other sectors such as accommodation and experience providers with the ability to capture more sales by offering potential customers the ability to make an offer.

Dee states that: “A lot of sales are lost because people are afraid to commit to the sale when they see the total cost of their shopping cart.

“If shoppers had the ability to make an offer on their total cart, they will be more likely to press ‘accept’ and ‘check out’.

“In many respects, shopping is also about psychology, the thrill of the process, and achieving a win. An offer is a discount and people like to feel as though they have ‘had a win and not missed out on a sale’. Shoppers also do their homework and spend a lot of time researching products and services.

“If one retailer’s site gives the shopper the ability to purchase by making an offer, then chances are that retailer is going to get the sale over another retailer that doesn’t offer the functionality.

“Shopping cart abandonment rates are already as high as 80 percent. If My Offer helps to reduce this number down by assisting shoppers to finalise online transactions, then this means more sales for businesses.”

Online shopping

My Offer is now being rolled out across the market just in time for xmas. Retailers are already being onboarded by My Offer.

“My Offer really is a win for everyone. It is a win for businesses that offer it on their website and it is a win for shoppers,” Dee added.

Online shopping: Shoppers now empowered to submit online offers with retailers 799